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Gta 5 Textures and Boards etc Rendering issues

  • Hi Guys!

    I use NVE+ LA ROADS and ADDONS Cars only
    I get texture issues loading Rendering when i drive even when i drive slow i see Peds and Some Cars render its not missing texture just it loads when they are 15 - 20 Feet Away from me Bins / Peds / Grass even .
    Please help me with this is it because of GameConfig File?
    I dont have any Crashes .

    My Specs
    I7 9700K
    16 GB Ran
    RTX 3060TI
    1TB HDD
    256 GB SSD

  • Remone NVE and see if problem disappears. Better still, remove all mods and you will know if it's a hardware, driver, or mods issue.

  • Should i Remove NVE Folders Name from DLC List ? Or un install it through OVI .

  • @JohnFromGWN

    Here are the videos i uploaded .
    Buulding shadows / Bins / Peds / Car which are bit far away can be seen Spawning .

  • @Lokoo if it is just a dlcpack, simply rename it and it won't load. You don't need to edit dlclist.xml. if it replaces files, then you should do an uninstall.

  • @JohnFromGWN i will rename DLc pack Folders will check get back to you with video .

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