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My GTA V goes low fps

  • I have many mods in GTA V but the game was always fluid for me until at one point while I was in a car and it was night, the fps began to drop and the game went very little fluid, there is some simple way to end the game smoothed out?

  • What are your PC specs?

  • im guessing you mean by modding your talking about car mods?
    you gotta keep in mind that modded cars have a huge difference in polygons and the more polygons a vehicle has, the lower your fps will be when useing that vehicle

    the Image below, shows the stock gta Police car which has 18k polygons vs a modded one i installed which has 120k polygons, ive even seen cars on the vehicle page of this site that have over 900k polygons (some jetta) so the rule i go by is find cars that are under 200k polygons or so, if thye are higher then that i just dont use them

    the other thing is some modded cars come with 4k textures, that will also kill fps as it has to load thoes bigger textures for the car, but thoes are easyer to fix as all you need to do is reduce the image by 50% or more depending on your prefence

    (the pic i was talking about)
    alt text

  • @MyBoat 12 GB of memory ram.

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