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enb not working

  • I have installed enb on a new default game file on gta, and when i load it show it there on top left but in game doesn't let me open it or show that i have it.(don't have reshade installed)

  • @waffleeeeeeeeee
    If not set already, open up 'enblocal.ini' (in GTAV root/same folder as 'GTA5.exe' etc) & set the '[INPUT]' section to this:


    That will set button combinations to default:

    • Open/Close = Shift+Enter
    • Enable/Disable = Shift+F12

    If menu still doesn't appear, try holding down Shift+Enter a little longer. Sometimes it can be a little slow to respond depending on screen setup/vysnc off/how well your game is performing etc.

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