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Hiding ped&vehicle dots on map/minimap

  • Hi.
    Is there simple way like making invisible picture of blip or changing line to "don't show" to hide all ped and vehicle blips(but not static ones) on map/minimap?
    I've found "files" with images of "static" blips like groceries, houses etc, but none of them is circle which I could just make invisible. Also I'm at 0 knowledge with scripting/code so uhm,..yeah.
    I've tried "peeking" into few mods that add dots to see from where they pull the "dot information" but... no joy.

    What I want to do is prevent myself from knowing stuff my character isn't suppose to know, to rely only on what can be seen, heard and remembered (the 'mmrson stuff). Knowing precise location of someone behind the building and tracking his movement on radar is what I try to disable.
    I already have [show minimap only when using phone] but that's not anal enough, aimin for tha ultimate gaming chair OG gangsta stuff.

    Any info, direction where to look, etc will help. Tnx

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