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Realistic Taxi Missions Mod

  • I've downloaded a couple of realism mods to the game and one of the things that's kinda annoying is the fact that I can't really do taxi missions realistically because of the stupid AI customers. The main factors are 1) If I stop at a red light, the customer will start asking why I'm stopped and then eventually leave the car. And 2) If I don't reach the destination quick enough, the customer won't leave without an insult. What I'm asking for is a simple mod which changes these 2 factors to add more realism to the taxi missions. If anyone knows an existing mod that offers this, tell me and it'll be appreciated.

  • i use this taxi mod, I tend to drive the limit and obay laws, i havent seen any peds get out my car when i do this

    I also made my own taxi Car (well i just replaced a random car with the taxi model) this way, i wont get annoying calls from the real taxi company when im in a taxi

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