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Animations/Scenario in Simple trainer for Menyoo

  • Hello, I add PED by object spooner and I use Ped options (Use this ped) and I change ped to added by object spooner. I add animations/scenario by simple trainer. Can I have peds added by object spooner in Menyoo, with added animations by Simple trainer? Or animations cancel after I use again this scenario by load placements in menyoo? I must use for objects spooner PEDs only animations by menyoo or can I use animations with two different mods, Simple trainer-menyoo? Thank you for help.

  • @pat000 a very simple answer is to try it yourself and see if it works. Installation will take 2 minutes, test even less.

    Generally speaking, if you can select a ped with a trainer you can animate it, regardless of what mod or script or trainer spawned it.

    If you spawn a ped with a script for example, you can then use F9 to select it with Menyoo's object spooner and do whatever you want, change clothes, delete, animate, whatever you want.

    I don't use Simple Trainer but the same should apply. The key is that the trainer must be able to select the ped. Once selected it doesn't matter what you use.

    As for saving a Menyoo map with a ped animated by Simple Trainer? The real question is why use Simple Trainer to animate a Menyoo spawned ped when menyoo will allow custom input of over 150,000 animations. As for scenarios, as i wrote before, do a simple test. I know if you save an ambient ped who is animated, for example a sunbathing ped, menyoo will not save this with the ped in a map.

  • Okey, but I use in menyoo for PED added by object spooner scenarios, no animations and if I use same scenario, more times, example 2-3, next ped don´t use same scenario, as previous peds? He/she stay still. Why? How can I use same scenario for more peds without stay still? I can same animations used in scenarios in animations, but in animatios is it only animation, without item, but in scenarios ped automatically get concrete items for concrete scenario, example Hammering get hammer, drilling get drill, but if I use animatios no scenarios, it is only animation without autamatically getting items, hammer, drill etc. For this reason I like use scenario, because without items it´s no good. But scenarios stop working after some using on more peds. Exist some fix or something, how can I fix scenarios problem? After more using? Or how can I use animations with concrete items, to make it same as scenarios?

    In Menyoo is most animations, but some names of animations end with _idle or @base, how can I find concrete animation if I don´t know name? How can I set names of animations in Search, for finding concrete animation, if I don´t know name of animation? Thanks for help.

    Edit: In Menyoo animations is name "custom input (custom animations)" What is it and how can I use it? There is "Enter dictionary, Enter name, Apply, Stop" I don´t understand how use it.

  • @JohnFromGWN the first part is called the animation dictionary, the second part is the animation name. It is very unlikely you will need to use this in menyoo unless you already know this animation is the one you want to use.

    Searching is very difficult unfortunately because there are over 15,000 dictionaries and about 150,000 animations. For example drilling might be drill, or jack, or jackhammer.

    Scenarios are much easier to use, but there are only about 100 or so. The advantage of Scenarios is that they include props, for example a drink, a shovel, cigarette, etc.

    Remember that Scenarios are ped specific. If you assign a drilling Scenario to the wrong ped they won't do anything.

  • "Remember that Scenarios are ped specific. If you assign a drilling Scenario to the wrong ped they won't do anything.

    " This mean, that I can´t use scenario on any PED? Example Drilling scenario used in some worker, or example Tracy? I must use concrete scenario for concrete PED? Or one concrete scenario work on any PED? How can i find out which PED to use scenario? How can I find out correct PED for concrete scenario?

  • @pat000 I think drilling is ok for all or most peds. Watch this video and you will see what I mean. The female model, which is an addon, does not do all the scenarios. If you're not sure about a ped you just do a quick test.


  • Thanks for help, I test three different ped with scenario example hammering, but if I add hammering scenario for first PED, PED do scenario and have in hand hammer, but if I add same scenario - hammering for second and third ped, scenario work, but they haven´t hammer item. Hammer work only on first ped, but on othe peds, hammer is missing, but scenario work. Why? GTA scenario problem

    Edit: I test other peds and I add ped and select "partying scenario" Ped get bottle of beer and is dancing, but I set same scenario - partying for second ped and PED is still standing, without scenario animation and bottle. Why?

  • @pat000 i have no idea. If you want a script that is easily editable to change scenario and ped and number of peds let me know and ill post it here.

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