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Different Car vs Bike Behaviour - Closest Ped

  • I tested a small script that selects the closest ped and has it enter the player's car. The ped responds, enters the car, closes, the door, freaks out screaming, exits the door and flees. Now take exactly the same script but this time spawn a motorcycle. The ped gets on the back and sits their happily as you drive away. No difference between men and women. Car causes fleeing, motorcycle doesn't.

    Is this because in the car scenario the ped feels it is being trapped/hijacked?

  • @JohnFromGWN Now here is exactly the same script, with the car, but this time I offer to pay off the woman's student loans and she accepts. ok, jk. Here I make the lady my companion - but only after she enters the car. This time she stays in the car, no freaking out. So different behaviours on car versus bike. I think this goes far to explain why ppl complain about their scripts or script mods not working.

    Different programmers working on different AI?

  • @JohnFromGWN I'm not exactly sure the cause of this but it's somehow related to the relationship perhaps.

    When I select a random ped with menyoo and make it my companion, he/she keeps entering the car and freaking out and exiting. If I turn off it's "Can Flee" option in ped options, they don't freak out.

    I'm not exactly sure but maybe editing the relationship to make the peds like or respect you (I don't know what is the difference between those 2) might make them stop fleeing.

  • @Aurora11 i fixed the script by making them companions, but only once they are in the car, this way they still have free will and some choose not to enter. I also added a binding to dismiss them.

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