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How to turn off character and peds shadows?

  • Hello everyone. I need to turn off shadows from my playable character and also from peds (for some machinima stuff). I already tried to set shadow quality to 0 in settings.xml but it drastically changed overall graphics so that won't work for me. I suppose this shadow setting may be somewhere in visualsettings.dat file but i've been searching for long time and had no results. Maybe there is some way to make my character and peds glow a bit so they will be brighter and won't cast shadows? Getting rid of self-shadowing would be amazing too if that's even possible. I will be very grateful for any information that may help with that. Thank you

  • @chickentooth only @a63nt-5m1th will know.

  • @chickentooth
    Just peds? Nothing else? Think you would need to edit the game's shaders for that, or perhaps use enbfeeder or something to create your own shader edits to do it.

    Have a look at QuantV 2.0 (free) tho, as I think it has the ability to edit a few shader related shadow values within it (if not the equivalent app/trainer in QuantV 3.0 certainly does, but you would need to subscribe to his Patreon for that version I think).

    If you don't mind some other things losing (direct) shadows, some of these might work:

    • Set 'light_dir_mult' in timecycle files to 0.0000 for all times of day & night etc. It will remove direct shadows (from the Sun) from everything, but you will still get the fake/proxy shadows in the distance & doesn't affect the look of the timecycle files much at all (unlike disabling all shadows in 'settings.xml' does etc).
      If you use a timecycle weather without direct sunlight, it won't look odd at all. Peds/Vehicles/Buildings/Vegetation will still have ambient occlusion, so won't look out of place or anything. You'll just remove the shadow/s cast by the Sun.

    • There are also these values for direct shadows caused by direct light in the timecycle files you might want to play around with/set to 0.000 etc, depending on the exact look you want. Test them out individually, see what you get:


    • & this value for the fake/proxy distance shadows:


    Try them^ out anyway & let me know how you get on & whether anything works for you. :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th worked perfectly for me. Many thanks for your help!

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