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Expanding The GTA5 Experience

  • I'm not a fan of MLOs or Menyoo/Map editor mods. The only Menyoo map i ever installed was a school mod which was so poorly built i redid it from scratch, adding a solid floor and textures.

    Map ports are another story, although never perfect, they greatly expand the game and experience. In the last 2 weeks or so i've installed Liberty City, Vice City, Cayo Perico North and South (Mods, not the trainer spawns), Dubai, San Andreas which includes Las Venturas and San Fierro, and Acadia which is Chicago. I also have Monaco, Nurburgring and the Simpsons. And the RCA and Chilidad Forests enhancements.

    Last night i installed the French Riviera successfully despite the largely negative comments on the mod page about crashing. This map has many issues, particularly texture issues and water flooding the road, but is visually pleasing and definitely worth the installation. I would not recommend this for beginners, will just be frustrating to get it stable. Ive seen this map crash on a YT tutorial which i thought was hilarious, so much for an installation tutorial. I have it stable but using a very different setup, sharing resources with other maps.

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