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Real life in GTA 5

  • Hello. I have a question about PED model and money. I like play with PED character because some of them are nice as main characters. I want to play real life, I know add some mods for this play such as jobs, real cars, etc. But I want play this real life with PED model because I like some of them. But if I change model to some PED model by som mod, example Menyoo or Simple Trainer, I can' t get money and safe them to bank. And my question is: exist some mod with which allow getting money for PED characters no only main characters: Michael, Trevor, Franklin? Thanks your for help

  • I have this mod in game, but I don´t know, how can I control this mod. I don´t know, how can I use this mod. How can I change characters?

  • Okey, but I want PED model no, main character.

  • I have a problem with character, I swap ped character to example franklin, but I can´t use money, use market, get money from other peds, etc. I can get money, but don´t add to account, why? I want, use money as ped model. Can you help me?

  • Here is my method.

    First do this:
    Menyoo>Player Options>Model Changer>Story Models>Franklyn [Add him to Favorites, bottom right corner shows what key to use]
    Menyoo>Player Options>Model Changer>Story Models>Michael [Add him to Favorites]
    Menyoo>Player Options>Model Changer>Story Models>Trevor [Add him to Favorites]
    Menyoo>Player Options>Model Changer> Choose character you want to play [Add it to Favorites]

    Then, this is what I do (made auto script which I execute) at each game start:
    Open and close menyo
    Open and close character swap
    Menyoo>Player Options>Model Changer>Favorites>Franklyn [Or michael, trevor, depends on which I'm playing]
    Menyoo>Player Options>Model Changer>Favorites>YourFavPed [I use MP female so I go to Menyoo>Player Options>Model Changer>Wardrobe>And there make/choose outfits]
    Character Swap>Presets>Franklyn [Michael, Trevor]
    AGAIN Menyoo>Player Options>Model Changer>Favorites>YourFavPed

    I know it's complicated and it took me thousands attempts to figure out the right sequence and sometimes I get menyoo crash but this is only way I could manage to make money and 99% of mods work with MP character.
    If something in procedure gives me error, complains, doesn't want to change or whatever crap... only thing for me to do is restart game 'cause I know something is already screwed and/or will crash and I''ll need to restart anyway.

    Hope it helps.

  • Thank you very much, it´s working, with MP Male/Female. I can use money. But I have one question again. I must still manually setup this ped swap always, when I run game? Can I save this MP Male/Female swaped character automatically, when I run the game? I don´t want, always do this swap manually.

  • @pat000
    This is the only way I manage to make it work, no other methods. If someone else knows, please tell.
    To make it easier I use autohotkey script [in simplest/dumbest way] where it presses buttons like:
    F8, down, down, enter, backspace, down, enter....etc.

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