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Self radio not working

  • Hi i needed help to get my self radio working again. Can anyone help me? I haven't installed anything. Self radio was working fine when i was on gta5 yesterday. But when i got on the game today it didn't show up on my list of radio stations. Only thing i did was change the file name of user music to gta radio when i got on gta5 today it was gone. But i changed it back to user music and its still not there. I have unstalled my game then re-installed it and its still not showing up. Does anyone know how i can get it back

  • @DOLCEFesh You don't need to reinstall every time you have an issue. When you do a reinstall it doesn't overwrite existing files. You should have deleted the music first before the reinstall.

    Try this now: delete your user music folder and then do a verify integrity and hopefully it will recreate it.

    Also remember you don't need to move your music files to that folder, you can simply put shortcuts instead.

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