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Add-On Planes' Weapons Not Working - PLEASE HELP!

  • I have installed a few add-on planes - mostly from SkylineGTRFreak - and they work fine in terms of spawning in game and flying etc. but the weapons are missing and do not show up at all!

    I created a custom add-on pack called "planes" with it's own "dlc.rpf" and added the files from each plane to that add-on pack. I added all the weapons files and metadata but for some reason, the weapons simply do not work.

    I have added:

    • F16C

    All of these planes are from SkylineGTRFreak. I've asked in the comments on those mods several times but he never responds.

    I have added 100s of add-on packs for cars and they ALL work fine without issue. The planes spawn as I mentioned but the weapons simply do not work.

    Can anyone here please help? There must be something wrong that I'm missing that's keeping it from working properly.

    Please help!

    P.S. If you need to check any of my 'meta' files from the custom add-on pack I created, let me know and I'll share it.

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