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Merging DLCs with custom vehicle weapons

  • So I've been trying to consolidate all my aircraft mods into one DLC for a while now, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to get vehicle weapons working correctly.

    For now, it's basically two fighter jets with custom missiles.

    The first one still works but anything I add from another DLC just won't work.

    So c an someone tell me how vehicleweapons.meta and weaponarchetypes.meta work and how to not break them when adding new weapons?

    Everything else is working perfectly. Modkits, layouts, custom gxt2... Just custom weapons are driving me up a wall.

    I have a suspicion they don't work because vehicleweapons.meta in particular is structured in a weird way to me and as I'm no coder I'm sure that's where I'm messing it up.

    If there are any common mistakes or things to look out for, please tell me!

    Any help on this subject would be appreciated:bow_tone1:

  • I'm doing the same as you, putting together several aircraft in a single DLC pack and I found this only difficulty. I thought it best to do this, leaving each weapons configuration separate and adding the corresponding line in the content.xml file. It works fine like that:

    alt text

    Well, someone could create a specific tool to merge vehicleweapons.meta, since it's kind of confusing like vehiclelayouts.meta.

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