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Game crashes at launch, solo mode

  • Hi, I'm running the latest GTA V (version 1.0.2372.0 on Steam) and I updated OpenIV, ScriptHookV, ScriptHookVDotNet.
    I installed add-on cars with no problems (and nothing else), and been playing like that for the past two weeks. Today the game crashed while playing (at michael's house), and since it crashes at launch, either via openIV or rage plugin.
    I re-installed scripthook V and scripthookdotnet, gameconfig, checked the files with steam. Still crashes.
    Im no pro at modding, but I followed instructions found here and never had a problem (roughly 80 add ons and 10 replace).
    Here are the logs :

    Game is set at high, gpu memory usage is 50%.
    PC specs :
    ryzen 3600
    rx 5600xt
    16go @ 3200mghz

    If a kind soul passes by to help me, I would be pleased.
    Thank you

  • The game works fine when disabling dinput8

  • @michjo if you only have cars remove the rage plugin. Do you have updated gameconfig and related files?

  • Ok done. Everything is up to date. I even installed a new gameconfig. I only have an heap adjuster as related file, also up to date.
    Since it's the seconde time i crash at michael's house, I remove the autosave of the last crash, and voilĂ , the game works again.
    First thing I did, switch to michael. It crashed approaching the house. In the garage are a bike and a car, both addon that i played with before and were working fine.
    Any idea what might have corrupt my save at this specific location ?
    I'll try remove those 2 add ons and see how it goes

  • @michjo Your game will crash without the gameconfig and heap and you need the packfile as well.
    Your save game file might have been corrupt. Don't know.

  • So, I installed a packfile and deleted the two vehicules add on that were in the garage, and load my "corrupted" save. Everything is fine. Don't know what happened exactly, if someone has an idea, I'm interested in finding out.

  • @michjo No idea but glad you fixed it. which addons were they?

  • @michjo 1.0.2372.2 is the latest version.

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