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The best way to enjoy GTA V, how to make Single Player a ton of fun and more interesting

  • I never got a rush from playing gta online, i always had a lot more fun creating a more enhanced single player. These are the mods i use and ill list my specs to you guys also, if you have a low end or mid pc you might experiene texture loss with my mods.
    GTX 1080 TI
    I7 97OOK
    32 GBs of ram @3200hz
    1000w PSU
    1TB SSD
    1TB HDD
    500GB HD

    World of Variety
    V Remastered
    Forest of San Andreas
    L.A Revo 2.0 (minus vegetation, it was causing texture loss, plus its not a big difference)
    250 Add on cars (You can pick your choice of cars of course and have more if you want, this is just the estimated amount i think i have)
    Real California Architecture
    VisualV (install this before QuantV)
    QuantV (You can use NVE also but if you don't want to pay for either of these just use Natural Vision Remastered, its a old version but it stills amazing, its just a notch behind QuantV its not on gta5 mods website nomore. Just google and you'll find it)
    Enable All Interiors
    Business Mega Pack (I use the biker and executive businesses, just so i have a drug smuggler type business, you can choose you're own businesses you like to run)
    Lefix Refuel Mod or Fuel Reloaded
    Turbo Fix
    Bass Dragon Euphoria (Whichever Euphoria mod you like, this is my preferred choice tho)
    Blood, Gore Decals
    Realistic Gun Sounds
    Bank Account Mod
    Better Chases+
    Dispatch and Tactics Enhancement
    Leap Mod
    Finite Cops
    LS Life(Corner Drug Dealing mod)
    Single Player Apartment (You dont really need this but i like it)
    Player Companion
    Vangelico Heist
    Paleto Bay Heist
    Pacific Standard Heist
    Rob Fleeca Heist
    GTA 4 Vehicle Exit Style (Allows you to keep you car on when exiting by tapping F or cutting the vehicle off when exiting by holding F)
    Pull Gun Out (animation where you're player pulls gun out from their back realistically

    Mod Requirements:
    Lemon UI
    Native UI
    Packfile Limit Adjuster (Archive Count 10000)
    Heap Adjuster (Heap 2000)
    Dipilated's Gameconfig (Change Archive Count to 10000

    All of these can be found on https://www.gta5-mods.com

    I tried to create a world just as alive and full of things to do like Grand Theft Auto IV. One thing I noticed after my first time beating GTA V back in 2013 on xbox, that the world is dead and there is nothing to do other than hanging with the other protagonist and banging strippers. These mods should change the feel of the single player a lot and have you feeling immersed in the new L.A. you put together for yourself. Ill also make a thread like this for GTA IV(My favorite GTA of all time) if this gets enough of attention. I have screenshots of my game on my steam page too so you guys can see how amazing my game looks. Enjoy!!

  • if you're a car enthusiast, manual transmission mod by ikt is a must. that mod is a godsend. it's by the same person who made the turbo fix mod

  • @drlq99 Ill give it a try. Thought it was only for steering wheel users.

  • nice list i think u gave me some ideas ;)

  • Good list. Yeah Manual transmission is vital!

    Off the top of my head some others...
    Inverse Power
    Faster AI Drivers
    No Rockstar Intro Logos
    No Animals
    More Realistic Afterburner
    Gang and Turf mod (plus All Gangs mod)
    No More Hospital


    JulioNIB's scripts...

  • @miquelx interesting how we can sp so differently.

    I don't use any of the mods you have except RCA. I do have Forests but Chiliad only. I go in a completely different direction. Rather than missions i collect cars and free roam. I have all the major worlds installed such as Liberty, Vice, Las Venturas etc, and 3 excellent race tracks, and for silliness the Simpsons Springfield map.

    My biggest pleasure comes from learning how to script myself. Finally i would never use visual enhancers, thankfully i have excellent graphics with my hardware alone.

    Just shows how customizable this game is. And i have no interest in GTAO.

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