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Vehicle Textures

  • I would like number my vehicles and have multiple textures so that when they spawn I get, for example, Police with a 10, Police with a 13 etc. Texture file names examples, chgr_sign_1, chgr_sign_2 However after creating the extra textures and adding them to the .ytd and _hi.ytd (where applicable) and naming them as I have seen in other models textures, there is only one texture displayed. Is this to do with the vehicle models or is it something else?

  • @KingtutUK You need to edit the vehicles.meta for your vehicle and add FLAG_HAS_LIVERY to the flags line. If that doesn't work then the vehicle doesn't support liveries and would have to be edited in a 3d program to add support for them.

  • @death7991 Thankyou very much

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