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How to make any add-on car trigger taxi missions?

  • Since what most of us do in GTA V mainly involves driving add-on cars, does anyone know how a vehicle can be assigned as a taxi in-game? I'm no expert on the GTA V directory and I've been looking for the files responsible for taxi missions and couldn't find anything related. Can anyone help point me in the right direction?


    @BannedBliss sadly only when replacing a model it works as a taxi on the game's vanilla taxi missions :/ nobody ever managed or tried to script it

  • @ReNNie There has to be a set of files responsible for assigning taxi properties to in-game vehicles. I looked all over the installation yesterday, but the file names aren't so obvious about what they do (meaning a search for the word "taxi" or "cab" won't help). It would make a nice addition to have any vehicle turned into a taxi so I'm going to keep looking. There are a few mods that utilize taxi code. Maybe I could learn something from them.

  • @BannedBliss maybe it has something to do with the flags in vehicle.meta ? like FLAG_LAW_ENFORCEMENT etc...idk really just a suggestion

  • Good idea, thank you.

    I found this line in the vehicles.meta located at: mods/update/update.rpf/common/data/levels/gta5/

    (Line: 23236)

    and is under the TAXI <Item> which starts at line 23148. I will see if I can add this flag to another vehicle without crashing everything... Hope it will be enough.


    no, taxi functions are hard coded into the exe and linked to the existing vanilla taxi models, nothing that can be done without additional scripting

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