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Addon Vehicle Problem PLS HELP

  • Hello I'm pretty desperate right now. My problem is as soon as I install more than 3 add-on vehicles, the game only loads halfway and then crashes without an error message. Of course I added a new gameconfig 5x traffic, 5xpeds just like heapadjuster and packfilelimtadjuster. I'm about to delete everything because I've been working on it for half a day and nothing works ... I ask for HELP
    thanks in advance.

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  • @xRaiinoX Unless I missed something your installations are perfect. Thank you for the screenshots. Only comment is you don't need all the x64 files in the mods folder but that's not the issue.

    I'm going to suggest you first change your gameconfig file to the normal traffic one, not the 5x and reset your heap and pack to default values if you have changed them. If that doesn't fix it, it could be because you have a very high polygon vehicle. Also, why 3 heap files. Is one a log file? Can't see the extensions. I use the other heap.

    Finally, from experience, you many need to try different setups of gameconfigs. My system broke after the last update and I have over 200 vehicles, 200+ peds.

    Here are some possible combinations. Option 4 was the only one that fixed my crashing.

    1. F7YO GameConfig with Heap Adjuster

    2. F7YO GameConfig with Heap Limit Adjuster

    3. Dilapidated GameConfig with Heap Adjuster

    4. Dilapidated GameConfig with Heap Limit Adjuster

    and keep your packfile as well.


    @JohnFromGWN said in Addon Vehicle Problem PLS HELP:

    Option 4 was the only one that fixed my crashing.

    Interesting. You'd not expect a difference between the two as they both increase heap size. I've been using dilapidated's with 768 as value for the past year or so

  • @ReNNie i can't explain it. My system was fine until the tuner update. Was going to rollback when I tried that combination as last resort, all values left as default. Since then ive pushed it hard with world addons and it remains very stable. Only French Riviera was troublesome but found solution. Explanation is possibly that you tweaked your values whereas i didn't.

    With respect to OP, no reason for 3 addons to crash a system unless really underpowered or bad config settings.

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