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GTA V mods

  • I'm new to GTA on PC, was playing on Xbox since it came out but wanted mods, wondering how to install mods and where the best places to go for mods, I also dont mind any recommendations since I want to ma https://1921681001.id/ ke the game as military centric as I can. https://19216811.cam/

  • @VinitBelam You've already asked this question and you were offered an excellent video on how to install. Nothing has changed since that time. The process is not without issues so if you can't follow instructions find someone in the real world to do it with you/for you.

    Or man up, watch the suggested video carefully, take notes if necessary, and pay attention to details. It's not rocket science and you need to get your hands dirty to understand.

  • @JohnFromGWN Agreed, put in the work to learn how, watch the videos, read the instructions and tutorials, use the tools and resources. Eventually it will become practically second nature.

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