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cars dont work

  • o im using this mod https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/mitsubishi-lancer-evolution-ix-stormtrooper adn many others well a lot and everytime they just spawn in as the stock car please can someone help i have re installed windows and gta 5 and open iv still no luck

  • Hi this may be because the car has had an update and is in another file so on OPENIV go ahead and click (Ctrl + f3) and a search bar will open, For example if you are wanting to Mod an Exemplar. Type in the search box Exemplar.ytd... this should show whether the file has been updated, if it has you will now see it is two files x64e and patchday3... go ahead and replace the file in Patchday3 and your vehicle will show.

    NOTE: Only update if you have the updated vehicle in your mods folder. If you dont have it in your mods folder just copy it to mods folder when prompted by OpenIV

    hope this helps

  • @cdo_alex thank you for trying but unfortanlly this did not work :(

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