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How to make Cops spawn more In traffic

  • Hi!
    I would want to know how to make cops spawn more In traffic.
    I already have world of variety which Makes it so Cops spawn In traffic, But there aren't enough Cops in Traffic And I would Want to Know How To increase The Cops spawn Rate, Also I already Know That I have To Edit popcycle.dat But I Don't Know What Numbers to Increase.
    Any Help Would be appreciated!


    Use this

    And you can also add extra modelnames from your favorite Lore-Friendly Police vehicles in popgroups.ymt

  • @ReNNie
    As I said I already have A popcycle File From World Of Variety And If I change It Gang Cars won't Spawn Anymore And the Mod Would certainly Break. It Would Be appreciated If you Could Tell Me How to Manually Increase Cop spawns.

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