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Change the size and width of the front / rear wheels

  • Hello, I would like to change the size and width of the front wheels. I want my front wheels to be smaller than my rear wheels in size and width. I know VStancer but with this mod we can simply modify the 4 wheels and not the rear wheels alone. Should I use zModeler for this ? or should I go to the .meta files ?

  • @OdinPagan yeah you need zmodeler for it. it's the only way

  • @drlq99 Thank you :) I have another question, I would like the wheels to be a little apart from the body because they are recessed I try to modify the "dummy" but in play the wheels are still in the same place. What should I do ?

  • @OdinPagan what i usually do is unlink the children of the dummy. then i select all of them and the dummy in the viewport and move them.

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