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When I do races with real life cars my map unloads/glitches.

  • Is there anyway to solve this? I heard it was polygon counts Is there some way to make the game take that?

  • @COD-MASTER-123

    1. What do you mean by race? A race mission from the game or just free roaming full speed?
    2. Which cars? All your car addons or just the "high polygon" ones. Link?
    3. Which map unloads? And what does unload mean, a crash to desktop? Los Santos or SPA, or Monaco, or Nurburgring, or some other map?
    4. What does glitch mean? Texture loss, crash, FPS drop, all of the above?

    You need to be somewhat or even very specific if you want help on these forums.

    1. https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/street-races
      as well as another mod i can't find
      2., As far as cars lore friendly are fine its ones like https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/lamborghini-reventon or any "real life" cars
    2. map in general glitches (world map)
    3. low res/render for map buildings, roads etc
      like the game is having some kind of memory allication of loading issue
    4. only happens when i start doing races with said cars if i don't it's fine

  • @COD-MASTER-123 ok. If you take the lambo out for a spin do you have the same issues? In other words are the issues with these cars only with your mods or even in regular game play?

  • no just in race mods where i have all opponents have em (any real life car)

  • @COD-MASTER-123 So unfortunately it's the script mod.


    it's not the script, the game simply can't handle that many instances of a hires model, V engine was never meant for using models with that much polygons

  • @ReNNie Agreed, but it does run with higher polygon models and he says real life cars, not all of which are like that reventon.

    I'm simply surmising that if the car runs without the script, then we can definitely point to the script as being the source of the issues, for those particular car models.

    If he is running multiple instances as you said, then definitely that will worsen the problem as will poor system specs and the wrong config.

    So Op can stop using mod, stop using mod with this vehicle(s), tweak his config, or buy a threadripper with 2 3090s.

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