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Someone help me importing cars from GTA V to 3DMax

  • I would like to know how I can get models of the GTA V of cars in .fbx or .obj format, to put them to the 3dmax by ejemplo.no I already have the gtaV. I just wanted to know, if there is any menera

  • @quetillo import them in zmodeler3 (paid software) and export them as the format you want

  • @drlq99 Thank you, but I already tried it and then I opened it with blender and a cube came out inside the model I could not remove it, in 3dmax I gave failure.I have seen video tutorials and I do not get to clarify some in zdmodel3 which is the one I have open it as a mod and others only the file. When I download a car mod I get the folder with many files including 3 equal yzl or something like that are the ones I open.thank you very much for the help I will keep trying

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