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Does this work on epic games version

  • Hi,

    I install a gta v from epic games, 2 weeks ago and have be unable to get a single mod to work. Does this not work on the epic games version or am I just missing something fundamental. I’ve been using openiv, scripthook copied the root folder so I have a backup. It all loads fine through openiv but not mods, I was just trying a simple car mod, aventador?

    Thanks in advance and sorry if it been asked a million times!!

  • @leighbarrington Works perfectly in Epic or Steam you just have to be careful with you first installation, follow all the steps carefully.

    This video is a good start.

    This post might help if you still have issues after the installation. If you want you can also post screenshots of your installation and mod folders. Make sure you have the gameconfig and heap and pack mods, but those are for stability.


  • Awesome I’ll give it a whirl, thank u

  • foolishly i never firewalled the GTaV.exe as soon as i did this it all seemed to work, i thought using openiv to launch the program stopping reaching out to the internet ! all good now though thanks very much

  • @leighbarrington I'm sorry but you completely lost me. Are you saying you're blocking GTA.exe from the internet with your firewall? Were you trying to play mods online?

    There is no relationship whatsoever between loading a mod and your firewall settings - only the worst case where R* will not allow you to play because it thinks you are offline or you are offline.

  • yeah you’re right i turned it off the firewall and still works fine the only other thing i changed from when it was previously not working was the directory I was running from the c:\epic games\GTAV -Modded folder, now i run from c:\epic games\GTAV and just have the c:\epic games\GTAV -Modded as a backup, relabelled to c:\epic games\GTAV -unmodded, just in case i screw it up and i can copy it all back

    Thanks again, happily adding mods again, last time i did this was back in the Vice City Days

  • @leighbarrington Just remember OpenIV will need to know where your GTA5.exe is located. Also, don't worry about screwing up your files if you are using a mods folder. Just extract the files you will modify before you change them and restore if necessary. Or restore from the game folder.

    If by mistake you screw up a game folder file, delete it, and then do a verify integrity (the delete part is optional but I found on rare instances the verify seems to check for a file presence rather than a file change - but that's very rare).

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