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how to return the headlight shine? C O R O N A Comebackplease i miss you

  • I havent experienced bright vehicle lights ingame and im looking forward to it.
    Mods like C O R O N A B E G O N E (shoutout to the mod creator) remove what I desire back, a bright headlight. Ingame I don't have any headlight shine, no headlight light emission. Say the headlight is a circle, than turning on the lights only fills in that circle without actually emitting light. the street infront of me gets lit up, but this too feels extremely weak.
    Is there a mod to get this lighting effect?
    I doubt its because of my graphics settings that I dont have any bright lights if it is please let me know.

  • @Easytron Your post isn't clear. Are you saying you installed the Corona begone mod and can't uninstall it?

  • TL;DR : Night time I cant see cars in the distance because their tail lights and headlights are only textures lighting up. a circle filling up. no light emitted.

  • @JohnFromGWN This is one of the possibilities, i didnt consider C O R O N A begone to be the problem, since in the file itself contains the original, which I placed back. But this is a possibility.

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