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Missions Fail to Launch and Other Glitches After Installing LS Life and iFruitAddon2

  • After I installed LS Life and iFruitAddon2 (including any prerequisites that were listed), I drove Franklin to Micheal's house to finish the jewelry heist mission (the part where Micheal texts Franklin about getting paid soon and asking him to stop by his house).

    Franklin walks into Micheal's house and partially into his living room where Micheal is sitting on the couch watching television.

    However, as soon as Franklin sees Micheal, he's just frozen there with a glass to his mouth. It's worth noting that I hear the television playing normally.

    I simply have to ctrl+alt+Delete to kill the game because Frankling won't walk nor will Micheal move. Franklin does sway and looks around as he does when just standing.

    I switched to Micheal and tried to do the short mission where he races some woman close to the beach. But she ignores me and keeps stretching without interacting, no matter what I try.

    Every small mission for both Franklin and Micheal is like this.

    I did try removing LS Life, iFruitAddon2, and the other files I installed to no avail. I attempted a fresh install of ScriptHookV, ScriptHookVDotNet, along with others I first started with to see if something was inadvertently changed.

    Didn't work.

    Lastly, something that I think might be important to mention as well is that I found conflicting information concerning copying and pasting the update/dlcpacks folder into the mod folder.

    Some video tutorials said to copy everything; some said only the latest patch file; others said only place the addon mods in the dlcpacks file, with some not even mentioning it.

    Around the time that I was installing LS Life and iFruitAddon2, I was trying to learn why my addons weren't showing up in-game. So, I had to fix some stuff. The addons now work, as do all scripts I try...the only glitch is the missions not playing.

    I almost forgot to mention that after the LS Life mod install, the $400K or more Franklin had vanished. That is most likely a glitch in LS Life, but as for the missions not playing, I was hoping someone in this lovely community had an idea of what may have happened.

    Thanks! :100:

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