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Cant Open QUANTV Mod Menu

  • it happen recently.. as far as i remember after socialclub gettin update at 21 october 2021 my quantv mod menu cant open. with press f5 or rb+x.. other feature still working like free cam, depth fo field hotkey (-), screenshoot hotkey (f11).. only the menu cant open. i saw several people occur this problem..

  • @Yukinono Is this a patreon mod? Either way, contact the author and are you playing on the PC or a console or the PC with a controller (rb+X)? The social club update would not have remapped bindings and should not interfere with mods - none reported AFAIK.

  • @JohnFromGWN yeah, for me it doesn`t make it sense if the socialclub cause this.. just the fact it occur after the update. many can cause it.. i already try to removed all other mod and re instal quantV but still no luck.. the game it self is not updated leave me confussed..

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