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Playing audio file [ScriptHookV]

  • I'd like to play some audio files from the game but idk how. I guess they could be played using the TRIGGER_MUSIC_EVENT native, since these audios are used in survivals and other missions in GTAO, but idk the event names. Would be nice if you could tell me where i could look for these event names.


  • @JustDancePC You have 2 different questions. For the location of files, you already found the spot, now the challenge is searching for the one you want. Only @a63nt-5m1th knows where they hide within the audio and sfx folders, some in the updates as well including in dlc's.

    To actually play speech, which is different from playing a song from the game, you can do this:

    Function.Call(Hash._PLAY_AMBIENT_SPEECH_WITH_VOICE, PP, "DODGE", "a_f_y_beach_01_white_full_01", "Speech_Params_Standard", 0);

    Check the native database for more information. SHVDN are the libraries you will be using for scripting including the natives in dotnet (c# or vb) rather than c++.

  • Those are songs (the files in the image), i just want to know how to play them.

    I've used the TRIGGER_MUSIC_EVENT native with the event names listed here: https://pastebin.com/GnYt0R3P but that's from 2016, it doesn't include the songs i wanna play, i just wanna know where i could find the "event names" for those songs. I know the list was made gathering information from the decompiled scripts, but i have no idea where these scripts are.

  • NVM, i just google "GTA V decompiled scripts" and someone already made a GitHub repo with all the scripts, lol 🙄.

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