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In-game music events documentation

  • Was looking at the GTA scripts for some music events i wanted to use in my scripts and figured i might as well post them here in case someone else wanted to use them. These are used with the TRIGGER_MUSIC_EVENT native function.

    Business battle music events:

    Survivals music events:
    "SM_CS_W{1 <= intensity <= 10}_START"
    "SM_W{1 <= intensity <= 10}_START"
    "SM_CS_W{1 <= intensity <= 10}_MED"
    "SM_W{1 <= intensity <= 10}_MED"
    "SM_CS_W{1 <= intensity <= 10}_HIGH"
    "SM_W{1 <= intensity <= 10}_HIGH"
    "SM_W{1 <= intensity <= 10}_END"

  • @JustDancePC thanks for posting them. You can find the complete list, unfortunately without categories, here:




  • More music events. These are used in the MC contracts




  • @JustDancePC thank you very much for posting
    how did you find them? which files in openiv contain these infos?

  • @MaxLuk Someone uploaded the decompiled scripts to github, so i just look at the scripts there: https://github.com/Sainan/GTA-V-Decompiled-Scripts

    There you can open whatever script you wanna look at, and if you're looking for music events just use the browser search function (CTRL + F) and look for TRIGGER_MUSIC_EVENT.

    The ones i have posted so far i found them in fm_survival_controller.c and the bikers was a collection of all the names found between all the scripts with the name gb_biker

  • Music events from the Hunt The Beast Freemode event in GTA Online:

    Unlike other music events, it's always the same song or beat, whatever you wanna call it. And it's kind of a low intensity beat. You can call the music event "FIN1_SHOOTOUT_4" to increase the intensity and use "BST_START" again to decrease it.

    Edit: these were already in the old pastebin with the music events... Well, i will leave this here just for the recommendation posted above

  • The new DLC has some great music events sounding in the missions, I haven't seen anyone decompile those scripts, so in the meantime, here are the music events used in the Tuners update auto shop jobs:


    Also, if you ever use music events in your scripts you might notice that those events get cancelled (meaning the music stops) when you get a 3 star wanted level or use any kind of aircraft. To avoid that problem, you must cancel those music events:

    AUDIO::SET_AUDIO_FLAG("DisableFlightMusic", true)
    AUDIO::SET_AUDIO_FLAG("WantedMusicDisabled", true)

  • More music events from the DLCs. This time Casino, Cayo Perico and the latest one, The Contract.





    Note: These are used in the second Yung ancestors mission when you take the dead prostitute to the altruists


    Note: These are in the scripts related to the casino, I'm not really sure where exactly they are used... Ms Baker missions maybe?.

    Note 2: These music events start a slightly different version of the music used in business battle






  • Does anyone know original heists trigger music events? Thanks!

  • @Zibulaatio The music events used in the story mode heists? They can be found here. Sadly, that list isn't ordered so, you can either play each music event in-game using the SHVDN console (or whatever other method you prefer), or, take a look at the decompiled scripts and search for "TRIGGER_MUSIC_EVENT" instances to see exactly which events were used in each heist.

  • If anyone is interested I have created a menu that sorts music events both alphabetically by mission name and chronologically if applicable. This should make it much easier to test music events for use in mods. It's open source so anyone can contribute with naming music events and ordering them. This is very easy to do as all music events as well as their names are stored in a JSON file and the menu will automatically create submenus based on the contents of that file. The menu also contains other tools I've made over time to make modding easier since I preferred to have everything in one menu.

    I ordered music events based on how the scripts use them, however I cannot guarantee all of them are ordered correctly because sometimes the scripts themselves do not flow chronologically as you scroll through them. Luckily most music events from story mode reference some specific event in their respective missions that occurs around the time they are triggered. This makes it pretty clear when they occur chronologically. Also, I have not figured out what content some music events originate from and as a result I have not given them names. This mostly pertains to music events from online DLC's, so if anyone is more knowledgeable about online content feel free to add them to the menu. Progress regarding music events that have not been named can be found on the discussions section of the Github repository.

    Edit: links have been added

  • @slav_exe

    The forum is not allowing me to send links or embed anything because I don't have enough reputation so all I can do is say the menu is called "Slav Menu" and its on this website...

  • @JohnFromGWN

    Thank you so much lmao

  • @slav_exe you're welcome. Thank you for providing source code.

  • @slav_exe I will download and test your mod this weekend, but your prop function reminds me of one of my first scripts.

    It was done in vb dot net

    Initialize the script with this, starting coordinates are usually in the ball park of 0.
    PedPlayer = Game.Player.Character
    Ped4 = World.CreatePed(PedHash.Vagos01GFY, PedPlayer.Position + New Vector3(-2, -2, 0))
    MyCup = World.CreateProp("apa_prop_cs_plastic_cup_01", Ped4.GetOffsetInWorldCoords(New Vector3(0, 3, 0)), True, True)
    PosX1 = 0.01 : PosY1 = 0.06 : PosZ1 = -0.03 'X, Y, Z
    PosX = 4 : PosY = 36 : PosZ = 0 'Pitch/Yaw/Roll
    MyCup.AttachTo(Ped4, 60, New Vector3(PosX1, PosY1, PosZ1), New Vector3(PosX, PosY, PosZ))

    Then attach this to key binding to increment/decrement each of the 6 coordinates. The pitch, yaw, roll will need higher values, 4 or 5 instead of .005.
    PosX1 = PosX1 + 0.005
    MyCup.AttachTo(Ped4, 60, New Vector3(PosX1, PosY1, PosZ1), New Vector3(PosX, PosY, PosZ))
    Call DisplayCoords()

    Finally, note the coords with something like this:
    UI.ShowSubtitle("Final: X = " & PX1 & " Y = " & PY1& & " Z = " & PZ1 & "~n~ ~b~ X = " & PX & " Y = " & PY& & " Z = " & PZ, 28000)

    I used 12 key bindings, would be much easier to do with LemonUI or NativeUI. Will eventually rewrite this.
    The value 60 represents the bone for the hand. What I did was save it in Menyoo and then lookedup the value 60 in the xml file. But you can find these values with google as well.

  • @JohnFromGWN

    You're welcome. I originally just wanted to create a small tool to help me test music events, but it eventually turned into countless hours making a proper menu and giving the music events names and whatnot. It was definitely worth it though and I found out some interesting things along the way. For example, I'm pretty certain Rockstar actually made a mistake when they named the music event MIC3_FRANK_DOWN because it's used in the mission Fresh Meat (michael2.c), yet its name references The Wrap Up (michael3.c)... I don't know if anyone noticed this before but I though that was pretty cool.

  • @JohnFromGWN

    Yeah I made the menu using LemonUI since it features those slider bar elements which make it easier to use. Also figuring out how to automatically generate submenus based on a JSON file's contents took a while since I don't think LemonUI was really intended for that, but I as far as I can tell there are no bugs and it actually runs smoothly which surprises me considering how many submenus must be created.

  • @slav_exe

    I did one in LemonUI and C# afterwards but it wasn't that great. But it was fun.

    There is another texture mod, called Decal

    but it is a little buggy, a little inconsistent, and no longer supported I think (last update 2020).

    So your UI/Texture menu and functionality is the one that interests me and because I prefer my own MP3s!

  • I've gone ahead and searched through all the archives with OpenIV and compiled & organized all the music events that could be found in this archive here: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1008390617971294300/1011765850002432090/Music_Events.7z

    They're split in folders titled respectively to their DLC folder in the files, some of you may find those useful. I also went ahead and removed all the events with _MOOD, _MD and _MA since they don't seem to do anything in-game when tested.

    (Also Lowrider tracks utilize Heist events so that category features the "Start" for Lowrider tracks and Heist triggers for the intensity variants)

  • @func_npc This is some good info. :thumbsup: I mostly based my research off of R* scripts since that way I could figure out which events were called in chronological order. However, this didn't work as well for online music events since online scripts call music events in a different way. Also, I couldn't get quite a few music events from online to play at all including ones like "START_ELECTRONIC" and the "_MA" ones you mentioned. At least now we know for sure which DLC's some of these come from. I would like to add this research into Slav Menu if that's ok with you. BTW I keep track of music events that I can't figure out here if anyone is interested. I need to update it with info from the last few updates tho.

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