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Headlights and taillights - increase brightness

  • This mod here is awesome because its the 86 Miami Vice version.

    Problem is the headlights and tailights are basically non-existent.

    I tried tweaking the carcols.meta file but no luck.

    Does anyone know please can this be fixed via file settings or is it a ZM3 fix only or something else?

  • @gtavjamal

    What issues are you having with the tail lights exactly? (any pics etc?). For me, rear tail lights are a bit dim, but other than that, they work (headlights certainly work normally).

    testarossa 01

    testarossa 02

    Try these vehicle files & this carcols & see if that is any better (tail lights should appear somewhat brighter & headlights should appear & shine on environment brighter (see below pic)):

    Testarossa 3

  • @a63nt-5m1th Champion!!!  Thank you very very much that works perfect!

    Sorry no screenshots I am currently using Win 8.1 and when I try it only shows the desktop with icons??

    Thanks again a63nt-5m1th you da man!

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