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Lamar keeps dying...

  • So I recently went back to this game after haven't played it for few years. I installed some few mods. And I have a major problem with followers/companions in missions keep getting killed. As I recalled, this wasn't really an issue with my unmodded playthrough years back when I first play the game. So I assume this is caused by a mod. But I can't really pinpoint which mod exactly is causing this issue. So I searched for a mod that can make the companions in missions temporarily invincible. Or a mod that can make them gain some extra health. But it doesn't seem to be any mod of sorts. Or did I miss the mod that I'm looking for? Is there any?

  • @Greenlandium disable all your mods (rename dinput8.dll to anything) and see if your mission runs properly. If it does add back scripts one by one or do it by trial and error.

  • @JohnFromGWN It will take some time going through them one by one. But yeah, I guess this is my only solution atm. Thnx for the feedback

  • @Greenlandium it is likely a script rather than a vehicle, but make sure you have an updated gameconfig file along with heap and ped. You dont need to reinstall anything, just temporarily move them out, start with your favs.

    You wrote you only have a few mods, but you can also just remove half instead of one by one to determine which half has the problem. If the first half is fine, you remove them temporarily and add back the others and so on.

  • @JohnFromGWN That removing half and see which half is the working half is good thinking. Again, thnx for the suggestions.

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