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issue with downloading certain mods

  • fairly new to the modding scene for GTA 5 I've been able to download a few mods without issue i recently found the world of variety mod and wanted to give it a go however when i try to download simple trainer all i get is a clipboard icon no zip file of any kind is anyone else having this issue and if so is there a fix again fairly new to modding GTA 5 so any advice is greatly appreciated

  • @jack1123 Simple Trainer downloads as a .rar file. I recommend using 7zip to unpack it.

  • @Bet-Nimrod do you happen to have a link for 7zip ? or how its done

  • @Bet-Nimrod update thank you so much i looked it got the file it was driving me absolutely could see people were still downloading it and it worked fine was stating to thin it was just my pc thanks again crazy

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