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Cutscenes crash game after downloading VisualV

  • i have just started modding GTA and have downloaded the following Mods. the essentials such as scriptook Etc, Menyoo, ENB Series and VisualV. i firstly put the VisualV ENB config in my root folder over the default ENB settings then went into OpenIV and installed the VisualV Mod. ever since downloading VisualV I had a couple of loading screen crashes but for the most part i can get in the game fine and all mods i have downloaded, however sometimes ill randomly get a notification saying either scripthhook or Menyoo have stopped working, game doesn't crash then but whenever i go into a mission cut scene even if scriphhook etc don't stop working the game will just crash halfway through it. i cant find anywhere talking about this problem as im not getting any errors saying "X" file has stopped working or that i've ran out of memory etc, i have an 15 9400F, 2070, and 16gb ram so im 90% sure its not performance related as if i skip the first cutscene of the mission ill be able to play the next part until the next cutscene starts where ill have to skip again, be really appreciated if someone could help me out thanks :)

  • @Macka453 Enb and visual are likely the cause and they are certainly not essential. Remove them to verify if they are cause as a first step. Also ensure you have a gameconfig, heap, and pack mod.

    Best advice i can give someone new is to go slow, add mods ideally one by one and test for stability. Cars and peds are generally stable but that's not necessarily true for scripts and visual enhancements mods which are better termed as contrast and saturation boosters. Ive never seen one worth installing.

    Regarding scripthook error, ive never seen one. Menyo has only crashed on me when changing ped components from the wardrobe on what turns out to be a defective mod. It can also happen with MP replacement cloth mods, but Menyo crashing is extremely rare for me at least. Your system specs are fine and a 2070 and a decent monitor mean you will get excellent graphics without installing visual crap mods.

  • hi thanks for these suggestions, im keeping VisualV as i like how it makes my game look. i installed GameConfig, Heap Limiter and and PackMod and whilst the cutscene still stopped at the same time and somehow made Menyoo stop working, my game didnt crash, might just try a different trainer and see if that makes a difference. thanks

  • well now after i say that i still get the a problem, whilst the cutscenes dont crash the game it seems to always crash now whenever i beat up simeon in the mission after smh

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