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unable to spawn dlc cars after modding

  • this happened to me a few times and it's very frustrating
    after i installed a few mods and load gta v and opened menyoo
    all the dlc cars are gone!
    it only has the story mode only cars
    and when i tried spawning through simple trainer it will say "invalid model"
    can someone help me? it would be helpful,beacuse this is one of the most frustrating bugs

  • Which version of gta5, which dlc models, what mods are installed.

  • 1.i have the latest version of gta v [LS tuners version]
    2.all the dlc models are gone
    3.i have installed a few car mods and visualv

  • @hayden9262go that is really strange. Suggest you do a verify integrity and see if that works.

  • @hayden9262go
    Have a read of this tutorial. Make sure there's nothing wrong inside 'dlclist.xml'.

    Also, make sure you have a custom gameconfig installed. Try this one or this one. Also install any prerequisites in the Description tab (heapadjuster/packlimit adjuster etc) if you haven't already.

  • @a63nt-5m1th Assuming the game is not crashing, it might be as you said due to editing dlclist.xml. What bothers me is that the issue is described as recurring, and we know files don't heal themselves. Definitely not the trainers so we are likely missing some key pieces of the puzzle as this one, recurring issue, really doesn't make sense.

    @hayden9262go Strongly recommend you review @a63nt-5m1th's tutorial to ensure your dlclist.xml is in order. This isn't a bug, this is a user error and im not judging you, just stating the obvious...we all make mistakes.

    If you want you can post your dlclist to pastebin or here. The last few items, should look like this (directly from the game)


  • @JohnFromGWN it's to late i already deleted it and started a new mods folder

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