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Black Screen/Lights flickering problem((

  • Hello guys, i really needs help(sorry for my bad English)
    I've got that problem a long time ago and can't find how fix this.
    Problem just like on this video:

    This fliskers also came up when i'm shooting in 1st person, when turn on the light on car at night and when car exhaust backfire.
    Guys, do you have any tips or solution for me? Please, i tired of this thing((

  • Idk but i think it might have something to do with the screen resolution maybe try to change that

  • @sasanito95
    Think it's caused by increased 'visualsettings.dat' lights brightness combined with eye adaptation settings. Turning in-game PostFX setting down probably helps somewhat too (unconfirmed).

    Try this in 'visualsettings.dat'. That's how I fixed it in my game anyway. Results may vary. You may need to find your own values that work. That thread linked above & this one are about the only ones related to this. Have a read of them if you continue to have issues after applying the potential fix in the first link. :thumbsup:

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