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Missing Tuning Parts

  • Hi everyone. I had that problem with cars missing their tuning parts as more as i install more car mods. Anyone know, if there is a fix for this? Maybe combining carmods in one dlc.rpf can fix this, or not? Please help(. Thx

  • @sasanito95 not all cars have tuning parts and combining them would not restore something missing.

  • @JohnFromGWN Yeah, you're right. So, there is no solution for that?

  • @sasanito95
    Likely a ModKitID conflict. Have a read of this thread & have a search for others for info on it.

    In reality, it's hard to understand exactly what vehicles are conflicting & usually ends up being a process of trying different modkitID numbers until you find one that works.

    This 'DisplayVehicleModkitID.cs' will display the ModKitID being used by the vehicle ingame when you get into it. Just place 'DisplayVehicleModkitID.cs' into you 'scripts' folder & the ModKitID will be displayed at the bottom of the screen in-game when in a vehicle.

    Don't expect to fully understand ModKitID conflicts, I don't know anyone that knows exactly what the game is doing behind the scenes, but you should be able to fix it. Either, by finding a random modkitID that works, or by removing vanilla modkits & using those numbers instead.

  • @a63nt-5m1th Thanks for your answer. I'll look deep into it, try to understand it. Really appreciate your help! Btw, i found your discussion about adaptation, this also was so helpful for me, thanks a lot for that))

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