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My game keeps crashing because of an unknown reason.(Exit code 0xc00000fd)

  • Like the title, my GTA 5 was working fine, i do have mods, car mods, props mods, damage mod, trainers, graphic mods....it was working fine until last night, when i installed Mercedes V-class mod, Austin mini cooper, Mercedes c200 mod, the game crashes. I tried removing them but no luck, it still crashes. I checked the script mods, i deleted Autosport Racing System and airbag mod because i installed it,(i still got Enable all interiors, HKH191's All business mod, Bus SimulatorV, Vehicle Control mod), still no luck. I also tried to verify the game but still, no luck. I checked laucher.log and it said like this:

    If you need more information, my device is a 2018 HP Pavilion 15 , with 2gb of VRAM and 12GB of RAM, running on Core i5 8th gen, with 240gb of SSD and 1tb of HDD. The game is a legit version i got from Epic Games.

    Please, can anyone help me? Any helps would be appreciated.

  • @devboilol Will your game run stable without any mods? Start with that then start disabling mods. Just rename them, starting with what's in your root folder except for OpenIV and your trainers and SHV.

  • When I didn't mod the game it was good. I installed more mod and it's working fine until yesterday. The game crashes when i'm near Vespucci Beach, Mirror Park, Vinewood, near Sandy Shores...I've been trying to remove some and verify game files but it keeps crashing whenver i get there. It didn't happend like that before..

  • I'm reinstalling the game now. I'll check if the base game works or not, then i'll reinstall mods one by one to see

  • @JohnFromGWN If i don't install any mods the game works flawlessly, i'm trying to put some more mods to see what will happens.

  • @devboilol Well that's the good part. Make sure you have up to date trainers and gameconfigs etc as well.

  • @JohnFromGWN There's a problem. When I use Cheat input box(`button on the keyboard) or Menyoo input model, the game freeze and crash. Any fixes for that?

  • @devboilol I had Menyoo do that to me recently. Was a bad handling.meta mod that I added to a car.

    Do you have the latest version of Menyoo?


  • @JohnFromGWN I do have it tho. Still crash

  • @devboilol The only foolproof way is to disable your mods. Then install gameconfig, heap and pack. Then try a cheat code. If that works enable menyoo and see if game runs stable.

    Next install one of the vehicles that crashed menyoo. Then add scripts and missions but only one at a time and then retest for stability and check if menyoo works. Using this step by step method ensures you identify problems.

    If this approach doesn't work either you skipped steps or your hardware is the problem.

  • @JohnFromGWN Mods can be added back in small groups and if the game crashes after a group is added the culprit is in that group. I like to work in groups of 10 and when a group causes a failure I test each mod in that group individually. I do this for all the groups until all mods that are creating an instability are accounted for.

  • The game works fine until i put this mod
    Before that I installed some more cars like the NSX rocket bunny, Toyota Camry V50, etc..I choose the right gameconfig.xml, however when i get to Vespucci beach the game crash.

  • @devboilol That mod is highly detailed, high polygon count. You will need a powerful PC and the right gameconfig. If the one you are using isn't keeping the game stable, try another one. Worst case you will not be able to use that mod, or you will only be able to use it if you remove other mods. Too many mods will crash your system as well.

    If you are using the F7YO mod, start with the basic/normal traffic. Personally only option 4 will allow my system to run stable (with over 200 addon cars, maybe 200-300 peds).

    1. F7YO GameConfig with Heap Adjuster

    2. F7YO GameConfig with Heap Limit Adjuster

    3. Dilapidated GameConfig with Heap Adjuster

    4. Dilapidated GameConfig with Heap Limit Adjuster

    Pack File Limit Adjuster

  • @JohnFromGWN I'm using the game config from F7YO, 3x ped 3x traffic and both heap adjuster plus heap limit adjuster. Let me see if it still cause crash in random or specific places. Oh and even if when i'm not driving that car, it still crash, i mean when i still got Mercedes V250 mod.

  • @devboilol Also try the basic normal traffic version.

  • @JohnFromGWN I removed V250 mod and it's working fine. I know that mod has high poly textures, but i also have some other high textures car mods like Audi RS5, Pagani Zonda,....why doesn't it crash?

  • @devboilol I can't answer that. All I can suggest is you change your gameconfig back to base and/or try the other 3 combinations I suggested. Keep in mind that you can also play with the values in the gameconfig. However the sad truth is that this model is not best suited for the Rage engine. I love MBs but this model would not be at the top of my list. Find yourself a nice AMG to replace it.

  • @JohnFromGWN There's another problem. This morning i installed some more mods like the Flatbed script by ImNotMental, Aston Martin DBX, Hyundai Genesis Coupe, 1987 Porsche 911, Ferrari 599 GTO, VRemastered, Benefactor Spritzer, and Nissan Patrol mod. They're all addon mods. I was driving from Vespucci beach to Little Seoul, when suddenly, the game crashes again.
    Here's the log:
    The game works fine before, now it keeps crashing whenever i'm on the way there.
    UPDATE #1: I'm removing the mods i mentioned above and verifying the game files now.
    UPDATE #2: It still crash. It crashes at this place whenever i get here.

  • @devboilol The launcher log has way too much info to go through. Check the logs in your root folder instead.

    The location is not important - very unlikely related to your problem. There are some areas of the map that are more highly detailed, you'll know if you see FPS drop, but overall I really don't think it's relevant here. Play with the different gameconfig combos and of course your PC has to be powerful enough to run a modded game. Make sure you close all background apps as well.

  • @JohnFromGWN I used your 3rd combination, copied dinput8.dll from system32, load the game, then close it, reinstall asiloader and remove Pink light district ymap mod from custom maps and it works fine. I'll reinstall car mods later to see if it keeps occur.

  • @devboilol where did you get the idea to copy dinput8.dll from system32? I'm surprised you were able to do this. It could have disabled all your mods and possibly caused scripthook to stop you from launching.

    Scripthook uses its own version of dinput8.dll, the one packaged with it. The only reason nothing bad happened afterwards is because you reinstalled the asi loader which just happens to be dinput8.dll, the same one as Scripthook's but packaged with OpenIV.

    Where did you find that advice?

  • @JohnFromGWN On a post from Reddit. It does happened to me but now it's fine though.

  • @devboilol I'm surprised your game loaded at all. The dinput8.dll from Scripthook is the only one you should use. In the log file it does refer to the one in System32 so both AFAIK are required for GTA5. Although it doesn't really matter, the ASI Loader installation option in OpenIV just installs dinput8.dll again.

    I would not use the ASI Loader going forward because Alexander Blade may or may not update dinput8.dll after each GTA5 update whereas OpenIV is not updated after GTA5 updates.

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