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Birds from distance turn into what I think is people

  • So recently I just noticed that the LOD for a lot of birds glitch out and they look like glitched out humans. I haven't got any mods that effect birds so I really don't know what the issue might be. Any ideas?

  • @Kylestar1875
    Got World of Variety installed? 'ambientpedmodelsets.meta' likely the cause if so (see here).

    Other than that, there isn't a lot of info on the specific info on issues relating to birds/humans acting like humans/birds. The other thread on it is unanswered. There may be multiple causes or multiple files related to it, but likely the problem is in one (or more) of the 'ped' related '.meta/.dat' files.

    If you suspect a mod like WOV, but don't have a backup from before installing it & not sure exactly what files it installs in it's '.oiv', use this tutorial in combination with it's '.oiv' to figure that out. You can then edit the '.oiv' installer to install select vanilla files (if you want to figure out what file/s are causing it) or all vanilla files (if you want to uninstall mod completely) instead.

  • @a63nt-5m1th Another good reason not to use oiv's blindly. Instead, extract them, use the assembly.xml as instructions, and do the installation manually even if it's a pain in the....

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