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Need help setting up Blips in .lua script

  • I'm using Bank Robbery mod by HippieCommunist and I want to enable blips for Fleeca bank branches.

    This supposed to be coordinates for Fleeca branches (from Trifecta mod):
    --Bank 1
    FleecaHeist.setBlipWithSprite(-2968.920, 482.962, 15.469,1,52,5,true)
    --Bank 2
    FleecaHeist.setBlipWithSprite(1175.326, 2699.340, 28.173,1,52,5,true)
    --Bank 3
    FleecaHeist.setBlipWithSprite(-1215.781, -324.097, 37.706,1,52,5,true)
    --Bank 4
    FleecaHeist.setBlipWithSprite(152.310, -1034.011, 29.339,1,52,5,true)
    --Bank 5
    FleecaHeist.setBlipWithSprite(315.910, -273.660, 53.921,1,52,5,true)
    --Bank 6
    FleecaHeist.setBlipWithSprite(-348.896, -41.828, 49.037,1,52,5,true)

    Question: how I exactly code should look like for the blips to appear on the map?

    P.S. Not trying to steal or upload someone's work, need it strictly for myself.

  • Ok, I got it working, but another question:
    Can I somehow rename Blips? Tried different code variations, nothing worked so far.

  • @yeahhmonkey
    Well, I don't know anything about .lua either, but code looks completely different. Tried applying it anyway, but didn't work. Thanks for tips anyway.

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