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Stucked in a develop project, need help

  • I was curious how i could create race maps or other things for gta v. I got open iv, 3ds max, gims, cityscape 1.8, codewalker, and whatever i saw that i need for developing. I created some basic race islands on Cityscape 1.8 and i stucked on the edit at 3ds max. I tryed to place the gta v los santos map at 3ds max, so to import and adjust my race islands but i can t found the file of the gta v los santos map.. Any ideas which is the way to import the gta v los santos map for start, to afjust my maps after??

  • Ne perds pas espoir je crée des carte mlo depuis 1ans suis les tutoriel en ligne et ne te prends pas la tête

  • @Gidoxy J'ai arrêté d'essayer car je manque de connaissances, merci pour les encouragements. J'attends gta vi pour avril.

  • @HOTTANX waiting for GTA6 in April? Maybe April 2024? No signs whatsoever of April 2022.

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