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Adding a vehicle class?

  • I had this fucking ridiculous idea of adding a new vehicle class: Station Wagons. Can this be done, or are vehicle classes in V hardcoded?


    @RSTEIN the latter, just like Wheels category etc :/

  • @Rstein Why would you want them as their own vehicle class? For creating mods or primarily to organize them?

  • @JohnFromGWN Organisation mostly, like MTA:SA has a entire category devoted to the Solair, Stratum, Romero and Regina lol

    @ReNNie hardcoded huh, well damn.

  • @Rstein Agree about the organisation, especially when you have hundreds of vehicles. I've created my own menu and will slowly add all the cars in. Already have them in one menu, regret not having done it in better categories from the start.

    alt text


    I just sort per manufacturer and model name using LeeC's Pick Your Ride! he created for me in 2017
    (and yes, that's a 138 chevys in this category alone, fear I'll never create all preview thumbnails, ever)


    still love it as it reads from a CSV I create myself using a Excel list
    thus also giving the option to export only certain selections

  • @ReNNie Interesting mod.

    I just prefer to play around with LemonUI, gives me full control. It also allows me to spawn my cars already customized at spawn time (colours, modkits, liveries, extras).

    Would love to integrate thumbnails, have to look into that, although like you not going to add 200 thumbnails especially when I know the difference between a 430, 458, a a 488, and a F8 for example.

    Also interesting you are using Excel in conjunction. I've used excel quite a few times, exploiting its string functions, to create code in minutes that would have taken hours if not days. I also used to create my dlclist. I used a batch file which gave me a text file with all the folder names. I took that list in excel and created the entries. Again hours saved and 0% chance of a syntax error.

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