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New simple feature that is very useful

  • Hello peeps, I'm here just to suggest a simple feature that is already implemented on sites such as Nexus and is very useful. Basically when you download a mod the download button should change color for that specific version of that mod you have downloaded and when you mouseover it then it should display time and date when you've downloaded it. So that there is no confusion "Did I download this latest version already or no?". It's just so simple and yet so useful that I'm wondering how It's not implemented yet. That's pretty much it, thanks for reading.

  • @alca969 Forum is barely maintained (no search, no profile picture support) so unlikely any new features will be implemented. If you look at any mod page you will see there are dates and version numbers, the most current being at the top. If someone can't figure out which mod is the most current should they really be trying to install a mod in the first place? Besides, do I really need to login just to download a mod? I personally only want to login when I post, not when I download.

  • @JohnFromGWN You don't need to login to download, if you login you just get a perk to know which version you've downloaded, maybe you specifically wanted previous version but now you wanna download some other one and you have no idea which is which because it has been updated and changed and there are 5 different versions. Also if you take a break from GTA 5 for 6 months and come back you will know what is updated and what is not because you 100% won't know what was latest version of XX mod especially if mod author updated it every few days and then left it as is. I've been modding games since 2008 and Nexus adding that feature is extremely helpful, I can see which version I've downloaded and check changelog for stuff I'm interested in. You obviously never used Nexus and don't know how useful that small feature is for any person that is into modding more than average Joe.

  • @alca969 Please explain to me how the Nexus site (I used it for Mafia DE btw) would know your download history/version history unless you are logged in or it stores cookies? I delete cookies. And yes, I'm just the average Joe, I know how to turn on my PC and that's all I need.

  • @JohnFromGWN Dude that is the point, if you login you get the privilege to know those things. You can download any mod on Nexus or Gta5mods without logging in. So I don't get your point? Why are you even commenting here?

  • @JohnFromGWN Nah, you're more than average. At least you know a little bit of scripting. I don't know any. The whole thing confuses me.

  • @alca969 said in New simple feature that is very useful:

    You can download any mod on Nexus ... without logging in

    Err, I'm pretty sure you have to be logged into Nexus to download from there? You used to be able to, but when they added the "get paid for downloads" feature they made it so you have to be logged in to download. Please correct me if I'm wrong. I don't use Nexus.

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