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I NEED Rage Plugin Hook 1.83 PLEASE !!!

  • hello, i have GTA V build 2189 and i would need rage plugin hook (1.83) and lspdfr which works with this version. Can someone PLEASE HELP ME ? thanks in advance.

  • @Gabin_Vucko If you're using an old version of GTA V it means you are bypassing forced updates from Steam or Epic. So I'm guessing your game is cracked and if that's the case this community will not provide support.

    If your game is legal and you just prefer the nostalgic idea of being stuck in time, just do a google search.

  • I don't have a cracked game, I had a backup of my game (2189) and I would like to install LSPDFR.

  • @Gabin_Vucko If you have a legal copy, once more use google or reddit or the wayback machine.

  • I searched google, reddit and wayback machine but couldn't find it :sweat: . Is there another way?

  • he don't want on the discord. An other idea ?

  • @Gabin_Vucko what reason did the author give? If he won't help you're going to need to ask for a copy on the reddit or other forums like LSPDFR . Why dont you just update?

    Is there something you're not telling us? Because the LSPDFR site says it is updated for the latest GTA5 update. So would love to know why you're stuck with an old backup when updates are free and easy and even purchasing a new game would be the price of a few coffees.

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