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How you Download and Spawn Custom Peds Into Gta 5

  • Hello! Just Wonder how you Download Custom Peds And Spawn them in Gta 5 single player With Simple Trainer or something else?

  • @James568 Is your game currently modded, with Simple Trainer installed, or are you starting from scratch?

    If you have the prerequisites installed (Scripthook, OpenIV, gameconfig, etc) you can use a mod to install your peds but by far the best way, created by @ReNNie, can be found here with instructions and some background on types of peds (normal vs streaming):


    The big advantage of this method:

    • it will not get outdated
    • doesn't require another mod addon
    • allows you unlimited number of addonpeds folders.

    I have about 5 installed, each with 3 or 4 rpf files, to keep the peds properly organized.

    Most peds are not like vehicle addons. Instead you will get usually 4 files (.yft, .ytd .ymt and .ydd) for normal peds. For streaming peds, 1 folder and 2 files.

    With OpenIV and in Edit Mode, you simply drop them in the dlc.rpf of the addonpeds folder and add a line in the peds.meta file. You can edit the textures in the .ytd file and you can rename the ped whatever you want as long as you use the same name in peds.meta.

    Less commonly: some peds are installed by OIV (not recommended, unless you do it manually). Other peds are true addons, which are installed like cars with an edit to dlclist.xml.

  • Im Starting from scratch

  • @James568 Here's an excellent video to start. Holler if you need help.

  • Does it go over how to download peds to?

  • @James568 You said you are installing from scratch, right?

    So the first things to do are to install the essential mods and create your mod folders etc. The video will provide instructions on the key setup of OpenIV, Scripthook, etc.

    Now to get back to your question, specifically to add peds you have 2 choices.

    1. use the approach I recommended and follow the @ReNNie tutorial which outlines step by step what you need to do.


    1. use what most people do, you install this mod even though it is inferior and outdated and the selector is apparently broken.


    Above applies to 90% or more of ped mods. For addon peds and OIV peds you follow the same instructions in the Youtube video, as you would for a vehicle installation.

    Regardless of which approach you use, the right one or the wrong one, you will need to add a line like this to your dlclist.xml:

  • @James568
    First you drop the 4 ped files into addonpeds/dlc.rpf/peds.rpf

    Refer to this screenshot. Extracted files just drag and dropped into peds.rpf (you can rename it).

    alt text

  • @James568
    Next you need to create an item line for your ped in the file called peds.meta

    Refer to this screenshot. The template you download from @ReNNie already has samples for different types of peds such as male, female, normal, or streaming. Normal is the most common. You copy a sample line (or use the sample line) and change the name. If the files are John.ytd etc, the name becomes John.

    alt text

  • like copy the ped thats already in the game and rename it to your ped?

  • @James568 If you mean the peds in the sample file? They don't exist in your game, and they don't exist in the game either - they are addons. Those are just examples.

    You replace the name of the ped in the sample file with your own ped's name. Next ped install you copy the first one and then change the name. You can delete all the items in the sample file, but you should keep one of each as examples until you replace them with your own peds.

    Example in Normal Females from sample file peds.meta:
    change it to your ped, for example Ada

    Once you've done that first normal female you can delete all the others or just rename them one by one as you replace those slots with your own peds.

    Again, keep in mind the sample ones don't exist in your game unless you actually went and installed them. And it's ok to keep lines in there even if the peds aren't installed, game will just ignore them when it loads.

  • So replace one of the peds in GTA 5 and put your own peds and rename it to your custom you downloaded and delete all the items in the sample file

  • @James568

    There are 3 possibilities:

    1. The first is a mod replacement for a game ped. If you want to replace a game ped, follow the instructions that came with the ped mod. In that case you don't need to use the addon peds folder, because it is a replacement. If there aren't any instructions you will need to look for the ped by searching in OpenIV.

    The next two are adding new peds, which is why they are called addons, without editing or changing any game peds.

    1. If you want to keep the game ped and the ped mod has the same name as the game one, then you rename all 4 files from the mod and use the addon folder and process. This way you keep the original and add the new ped.

    2. If the ped mod has its own name, for example batman, you once more use the addon folder process. So purely an addon.

    The peds.meta is only for the addon folder process. You can delete the lines in the sample file but you want to keep one of each kind, male, female, normal, streamed, and although rare hookers. The reason for that is each line is different. You dont use a normal male line for example for a streamed female.

    Sounds confusing but with a few under your belt you'll do them in your sleep. At that point you can delete all the items you aren't using in the sample file.

  • Should i used simple trainer or other mod menu?

  • @James568 Which ever trainer you want.

  • Also is there limit for amount of ped mods you download or you can download infinite ped

  • @James568 Yes there are 2 limits and you will know when you hit them both.

    The first one is for replaces and it will be hit when you have replaced all the peds in GTA5 including the players. So I don't know, a few hundred? Maybe 300?

    The second one is for addons, whether you do use the addonpeds.rpf or they are in their own rpf in dlcpacks. Here you can go as high as you want until your game screams, your PC starts to smoke, and the house burns down.

  • Also this how you download textures for a ped you have like other shirt textures?

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