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Weapon AmmoTypes Hash

  • Hello everyone,
    I was not able to find MK2 standard AmmoTypes Hash, So I've done my own research.
    (Link to a list of ammotypes (No MK2) = https://gist.github.com/root-cause/faf41f59f7a6d818b7db0b839bd147c1)

    Here is what I've found :

    * 0xBC7AF403 = MK2 Pistol *standard AmmoType* (Only Revolver MK2)
    * 0xDBACD794 = MK2 Shotgun *standard AmmoType*
    * 0x2D31ADD9 = MK2 SMG *standard AmmoType*
    * 0xD05319F = MK2 Assault *standard AmmoType*

    I hope it will help someone ;)
    Also if someone need special MK2 ammoType I can share the code i used (c#) or do a little research !
    Have fun !

  • @Kangouroux6

    GET_PED_AMMO_TYPE_FROM_WEAPON(Ped ped, Hash weaponHash) ?

  • @JohnFromGWN
    Yes this is what i used to search AmmoTypes, then I converted that number from decimal(10) to Hexa(16) !
    I do not need any help , only try to make those AmmoTypes known for people who need them ;)
    Anyway thanks for answering :D

    Full C# / SHVDN3 code =

                Hash hash = 0;
                if (e.KeyCode == Keys.NumPad7) //put whatever key binding you want here
                    whash = Game.Player.Character.Weapons.Current.Hash;
                    hash = Function.Call<Hash>(Hash.GET_PED_AMMO_TYPE_FROM_WEAPON, Game.Player.Character, whash);
                    Notification.Show(" AmmoType=" + hash);

  • I found an use for this. Would've been nice if you had listed all the special ammo types xdd

  • Also, you say the gist link doesn't include MK2 ammo types, but I'm pretty sure "AMMO_SHOTGUN_INCENDIARY" is an MK2 ammo type...

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