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Pls Help

  • How to remove "Atomic" text on tyre
    maybe in some ytd or ytf texture

    thanks in advance :open_hands:

  • @aminvai Go to "x64e.rpf/levels/gta5/vehicles.rpf" then open "vehshare.ytd" and edit "vehicle_generic_tyrewallblack" and "vehicle_generic_tyrewall_normal"

  • still not working bro..i cant see anything with atomic text on these 2 files

  • @aminvai
    @death7991 gave you the right instructions. The writing, it's not text, should be on the textures. If you don’t see it either the writing is too small or too dark or you have the wrong file.

    You can also try this mod.


  • no bro, i think i found it..
    it's on ..\x64i.rpf\levels\gta5\vehiclemods\wheels_mods.rpf
    and its ydr files
    i dont know how to edit it

  • @aminvai So the mod creator screwed up? Unlikely?
    The files you are looking at are mesh files, not texture files.

    As I wrote before, @death7991 gave you the proper instructions. Once more, if you can't see the text it is because it is dark.

    Look at vehicle_generic_tyrewall_normal for example, you will clearly see Atomic on the sidewall.

  • yes i know that,
    but i still cant get rid the white text
    i've tried to change texture vehicle_generic_tyrewallblack but the ATOMIC text always appear white (i can change the endo 32rr text color)

    sorry for my bad english

  • finally i found it..
    its on vehicle_generic_smallspecmap
    change its color to black or something darker to disguise the text

    thanks everyone for the answer

  • @aminvai Ok, good.

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