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Problème lors du lancement du jeux / Problem when launching the game

  • J'ai le simple trainer sur mon gta et j'ai installer des fichiers OIV depuis, quand je lance mon jeux, le mode histoire charge normalement puis a la fin du chargement mon jeux ce ferme.
    Comment résoudre le problème ?
    I have the simple trainer on my gta and I have installed OIV files since, when I launch my games, the story mode loads normally then at the end of loading my games this closes.
    How to solve the probleme ?
    Thank you

  • @max_abt Version of Steam? Which mods installed. Is a gameconfig installed? etc.


  • @JohnFromGWN Mon jeux est sur epic games, j'ai installé le simple trainer puis j'ai rajouter des voitures en OIV, depuis mon jeux marchais normalement avec le mod etc.Puis hier j'ai rajouter d'autre fichiers OIV depuis a la fin du chargement du mode histoire mon jeux ce ferme.

    My game is on epic games, I installed the simple trainer then I added cars in OIV, since my games worked normally with the mod etc. Then yesterday I added other OIV files since at the end of the loading story mode my games this close.

  • @max_abt You didn't mention if you have a gameconfig mod installed. This modified file is essential, often even if you only have one car installed (which is how I found out when I started). The more addons you have the more likely you will crash your system. The good news is that a properly configured system will handle hundreds of addons.

  • @JohnFromGWN I managed to solve my problem thanks to your link. The problem was due to the additional mod that I had installed, I uninstalled it since it works.
    Thank you very much !

  • @max_abt parfait. Bonne chance avec tes modifications.

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