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Can I upload or share World of Variety the version that didn't crash with my friend?

  • I edit the files a little bit and it work perfectly now. So I have a very stupid question that can share or upload it?
    I don't wanna get a direct message from a author later....

  • I will not share it then

  • @napat554 You can share whatever you want between yourself and your friend as long as you don't do it on this site if the guidelines prohibit it. What you do on your own PC, in your own house, is your own business. Having said, that it would be decent of you to ask the author for permission.

    Sharing and uploading can be quite different, but you definitely can fix or modify any mods on your on PC. For example most experienced users change textures or fix broken mods or recompile scripts on their own games. That's why you will find all kinds of tutorials on modding here. You don't need to ask permission. The key is not to share, upload, or redistribute elsewhere, particularly without attribution or worse, taking credit for the work of others.

    Unless I'm seriously mistaken, what the guidelines refer to is behaviour on this site, this community. You can't upload stolen mods or illegal mods and you can't share them on this site. Also you can't upload/share mods that would violate copyright or IP laws, for example bundle music, or artwork, or 3d Models that are protected with a mod upload - without the artist's permission.

    Similarly it is forbidden by the guidelines to discuss cracked games, however if you want to install a game illegally or run through a red light or rob a bank, that's at your discretion.

  • @napat554 you tryna be my friend? :eyes:

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