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GTA 5 - Entry Point not found error

  • i downloaded all the stuff required for modding (scripthookv, scripthookvdotnet, asi loader and openiv) but I get this error on every mod I install pls help!
    GAME VER : 1.0.350.1
    HERE IS AN SS OF THE ERROR :::::::::::::: https://pasteboard.co/ZDdpj8sDKvhp.png

  • Probably because your game version is so outdated. I'm assuming you have a pirated version. Buy the game to get an updated version.

    Edit: saw your other post that says you are indeed using a pirated version

  • @Jitnaught i commented on the previous post and i guess the admins (gets confusing to call them mods on a mod site) deleted his first attempt and i guess he's trying his luck again.

    If i was the admin i'd leave this thread here and just lock it for at least 2 reasons.

    1. To make an example that, for legal and ethical reasons, asking for or providing support is prohibited, i.e google reddit or somewhere else.

    2. Remind naive or simple minded users that GTA5 pirated games are some of the highest titles infected with malware such as keyloggers and bitcoin mining malware, many of which will never be detected by anti-virus apps.

    So buy the game for $10 bucks or get a part time job if money is so tight all you can afford is the latest iphone.

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